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Cordelia – page 2
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"Shh, the little one hears!" Pa nodded in Cordelia's direction.

cordelia_sliver"Adultery is a mortal sin."

"The child understands more than we think, Clara."

Suddenly there was a loud Ba-ba noise. Ma Benedek hurried back up the stairs. At the window, Cordelia saw her breath make smoke on the glass. It was getting darker outside. There were more noises, so she sang louder:

WON'T - YOU - COME - HOME. . . "

Cordelia knew no one was coming to their house. Mama said Jeorg's home was faraway but Cordelia pretended that Dada was just beyond the shadow of the big tree.

There was a scary long baa-a. Pa pointed to what he'd been reading. "Cordelia, new things are happening all over the world. A man named Marconi sent a message across the ocean last year. Now they say words travel around the world on invisible radio waves. My newspaper says soon Mr. Edison will give us electrified globes of light for our house!"

Cordelia wanted Pa to tell her more, but the baa got very loud. Pa hurried upstairs saying, "Soon, there will be someone new in this house for you to play with. You are a big
girl now. I want you to stay here and count how many motorcars go by our house."

Cordelia knew there wouldn't be any motorcars. Farm peoples didn't have cars, only people in magazines and Uncle Ernest, but his car didn't like dirt roads, Mama said.

People said, "You are a big girl" when something bad happened. Like Sparky when he didn't bark and Mama said, "You are a big girl, you're not too young to know the dog is dead."

Dead had to do with the old Pope and the new Pope and the black dress Victoria doll wore because she was a dead Queen. Mama wore a black dress when she worked for Uncle Ernest and God was going to punish Mama. And now the corners of the room were getting dark, and outside the window everything was getting blacker and blacker.

Cordelia sang the song making up words like the pray words Ma said on her rosary

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