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Hally – page 4
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The mower blades were stuck on a twig, when the phone rang.Hally managed to answer hally_horriblehappenedbefore the machine did. It was Miss Binns, school nurse and health sciences teacher. She exclaimed as though it was a bomb or an earthquake, "Hally, turn on the TV! Something dreadful, horrible happened last night at Central High School in Tulsa!"

It was an old RCA. The picture and sound were fuzzy. They didn't have cable, rarely turned it on. When they weren't perusing the local newspapers, the NY Times and books on the latest educational theories, George read mysteries, Hally did crosswords.

Hally caught the tail end—cops, yellow police tape, shot of a trampled festival sign on the ground as the newsman said, ". . .brutally assaulted in critical condition at Will Rogers' Hospital."

A pet food ad started. Hally hit the OFF button, headed outside to turn on the car radio and finish mowing. Dear unmarried, overweight Binns hovering like a mother over her students, she blamed the internet and the media for all the outrageous things happening in schools everywhere.

Bending to extricate the twig from the mower, Hally was surprised when Deedee's Jaguar pulled up at the curb. Wasn't her store open today? In Heart City if you wanted to be chic you shopped at Adami's, Deedee's boutique on Main Street.

Spending time with her fit nicely into Hally's life. They were good friends, best
friends, but not really involved.

Deedee rolled down the window. "Hally, I was on my way, heard the news, did a U. If I get another ticket I'll lose my license! That woman brutally raped in Tulsa—she worked with Horace—it's that gorgeous Indian girl, the former Miss Oklahoma."

Wham! It was a shock. "Yasmine Talltree?"

"It was a gang rape and sodomy! Horace is going to be devastated."

"Yasmine is. . ." The lump in Hally's throat made it difficult to finish the thought. "One of George's favorite students." It was more than that. The name, just her name evoked perfume and flowers and brought a vision of the girl, her grace, her elegance.

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