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Hally – page 5
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"Horace's blood pressure, 175 systolic, or is it the other one that's serious? Hally, he'll hally_fundraiserhave a stroke!" Deedee sagged. She was Hally’s age, but suddenly she looked forty, not the twenty-something she passed for.

"I'm sure Horace slept with her. My shrink says I mustn't phone Horace. Hally, someone's got to tell him. He's in Washington DC at the Sheraton."

"Not right now, he isn't. Horace is in Oklahoma City today with George. The two of them are at a Bureau of Indian Affairs meeting."

"Believe me, Horace Adami, top lawyer for the bureau is on top of his 38-CCup babe in suite 301 at the DC Sheraton! Divorced three years and I still know when he's doing what to whom! He'll have a heart attack if he sees it on
TV. George is like a big brother to him, closer than a brother. You've got to get George to tell Horace what happened, and keep
Horace calm!"

Muttering "probably doing it right this minute," Deedee rolled up her window and sped away as Hally headed for the kitchen phone.

There was something about Oklahoma City that made blue and white collar workers sound as if they loved their jobs, and O City was still just a small town. The hotel operator, not a robotized voice said, "Good morning, Marriot Plaza Oklahoma City,"
like. This is Betty, how may I help you today?"

"'I'm trying to reach my husband, George Murray. I'm not sure what room he's in." Betty said, "Please hold, Mrs. Murray, I'll see what I can do."

It didn't seem possible that something horrible had happened to Yasmine, thirty-three, PHD, author, fund-raiser for medical clinics, playgrounds, scholarships, jobs, doer of so many good deeds for her people.

"Mrs. Murray, could you spell the name please?"

"M-u-r-r-a-y. George with a G. From Heart City. He's stayed there dozens of times. You've probably seen him, nice looking, sort of a Harrison Ford type but more out-going."

"I love Harrison Ford. There's no 'Murray' on today's guest list. Let me try the dining room."

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