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Hally – page 7
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hally_spatter_page7Lana, by now you've heard about the rape/scalping in Tulsa.
The victim's a very special friend and...I'll tell you more
when I know more tomorrow...

Can't believe Gaylee and your son are HS seniors holding hands.
Is that a euphemism? They're sleeping together?
And 3 fig leaves? That's all our sister Farrah's wearing at the nightclub?
No G string? Lana, you’ve mentioned a new boy friend twice?
Are you in love?

Our Sweet Gum Tupelo is still green, still producing small purple
berries...I'm just jabbering, Lana,
kind of overwhelmed by what happened to

Hally clicked SEND, traveling with the e-mail three thousand miles east to the rambling white house in Great Barrington where sweet-smiling plump Lana was undoubtedly piling huge portions of her fluffy whipped potatoes on the plates.

Hally hit the OFF button. Grabbed the bag of potato chips and the N.Y. Times double-acrostic—whoa—put it down. Grabbed "Trends in Education" and went upstairs to peruse it. Didn't want to be tossing and turning, picturing Yasmine. . . .so graceful, so elegant. . .heroine for her people, especially the youngsters, the kids who didn't want a second class life on the reservations. . . Why, why did it have to happen to her?


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