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Ivy – page 6
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Gracefully plucking up the hems of her orange summer skirt, hems of Grace Moore’s ivy_quote6costume, picking up her straw carryall, her bouquet of roses from the conductor, gracefully slipping into her white sweater, Grace Moore Ivy left the restaurant, the opera house in her white ermine cloak, closing behind her the double glass doors of the restaurant.

Moving slowly with her head and chin high, very slowly into the parking lot, the noise, the slush, 34E coldness, Ivy maintained the poise and grandeur of the opera star all the way to her car.

The chromium handle on the door was like an icicle Inside the car, Ivy Morley sat stiffly, hands on the wheel, trying to hold on to the vision for another second or two. Trying not to feel the shape and weight of her body. Trying to keep away the heavy feeling that made her want to lie down and sleep, be asleep like Mama.


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