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Karen – page 4
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karen_quote4cMrs. K smiled at the young man with the grey test folders. Wincing as he slapped hers on the table, she mustered a polite, "Thank you."

"A smile and a thank you goes a long way," said her dear mother, age eighty-seven, and still sharp as a tack. "Your smile makes me smile, darling," said darling Sidney a hundred years ago, a minute ago.

The bell ringer said, "Remember, no blackening of answer spaces after the time is called, absolutely no erasing, or transferring answers from the test booklet to the answer sheet once the time is up. Okay, everybody. When I ring the bell, start."

What does a lady in pain do? A woman with insecurities galore about her age, the state of her waistline, the difficulty she's having remembering phone numbers? What are her options if she's fifty-seven, about to dumped by the man she's lived with for thirty-five years? What can she do when her little girl self is utterly terrified, her bladder is all of sudden full and the sun is in her eyes?

The lady summons the steel, summons every ounce of toughness that's in her. She shoves on her glasses and grabs that number-2 pencil.

The young man rang the bell. Mrs. K opened the folder and took on the test.


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