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Other Works By Emily Frankel

Plays / Novels

theatre2ONE FINE MORNING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT -- A professor and boy from another planet arrive from somewhere in the universe and observe life in New York City.

ZINNIA -- On her birthday, which she shares with Gustav Mahler, a woman plays his Tenth Symphony, recalls and relives her dreams as she contemplates ending her life.

CYRANO -- Frankel’s updated adaptation of Rostand’s famous play.

PEOPLE IN SHOW BIZ MAKE LONG GOODBYES -- A dance team manipulates a reclusive composer-arranger, promising loving respect and rapport, as well as financial rewards and a key role in their future, but discard her when they get a better offer.

FOOTSTEPS IN THE RAIN -- A fanatically ambitious and moralistic young man, planning an elaborate church wedding, finally manages to bring his fiancée to NYC. When he attempts to make love to her, he believes her prudery is the problem, not realizing she is eight months pregnant. The birth and how she destroys the baby to atone for her sins, shatters their lives.

RONDEJAMBE -- A play for twelve dancer/actors. A choreographer’s crippled ex-wife, the ballerina with whom he is having an affair, and a gifted up-and-coming young dancer vie for the choreographer’s love as he prepares for the opening of his latest world premier.

shatteringPanes_4SHATTERING PANES -- A play of survival,
a kind of 'coming of old-age' allegory that's funny, sad, and a little bit scary. Mom, dad, son and their articulate cat and dog live together in a deteriorating high-rise building. As the window panes shatter and fall from the building, everyone's life falls apart as well.

BD’WAY ARTS -- Three one act plays set in a rehearsal studio.

  • "29 DAYS TILL XMAS" - A young method actor, his devoted wife, his best friend/agent plan their futures.
  • "WHEN STABBED THRU THE HEART SAY OUCH" — A choreographer learns that her worshipful student slept with her husband.
  • "MAN IN THE NUT MOON" — The janitor of the Broadway Arts, while drinking beer and eating peanuts, recalls helping his wife get an abortion back in the days when it was illegal.


splintered_heart_smSPLINTERED HEART -- A novel published by Bantam books. A career woman who shaped her life around her marriage, returns from a fund raising trip to find evidence that suggests that her husband is involved with her best friend.

THE RIBET AFFAIR -- 46TH STREET BINGE -- A novel about a twenty year old boy who is about to be drafted. Infuriated by media attention to the celebrity romances, the possessions, the trivialities, he plans to bomb the theater where a famous movie star is appearing.

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