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Five books … Five heroines – Meet them!

In "THREE MILES EAST OF ROSE," a love story that takes place in Harrisburg, Pa., a man and woman, both in their forties, both widowed, fall deeply in love but their families and family obligations keep them apart-- they can't get together or make a commitment to each other until they deal with the past and the problems of their former marriages.

In "KAREN OF TROY." In the midst of a bitter divorce after 35 years of marriage and four children, Karen goes back to school to become a lawyer. The rueful handbook she writes on how to survive growing old, speaks to all of us as she's forced to redefine everything about herself.

In "HEART CITY, OK" It’s the unraveling the mystery of who raped and scalped beautiful Indian celebrity Yasmine Talltree that almost destroys the relationship of Hally and George, a loving couple who are working to integrate Indians into schools.

In "CIRCLE OF IVY." A three hundred pound bank Loan officer and a shy waiter (he's 35, she's 36) fall deeply in love. She encourages him to go to England for six months to finish his novel, he inspires her to loose weight. Like the "Gift of the Magi," they achieve their dreams, but lose each other in the process.

In "SOMEBODY." A poor farm girl, a "nobody," strives and manages to become a powerful famous woman beyond anything she dreamed. The highs and lows in her celebrity career, her private life, her unusual, definitely not typical love life; how Cordelia, like Hillary, like Barbara Walters, becomes a role model for her daughter, for women throughout the world. her granddaughter and the next generation and the next.



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