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MY BOOKS ARE FICTION, the characters are invented.

But the unfolding stories, the famous people mentioned, the events and the trivia are as accurate and real as I could make them with facts I’ve been collecting from history books, encyclopedias, almanacs, and microfiche front pages of newspapers that I’ve been devouring since I started writing, more than twenty years ago, about why I was compelled all my life, to be somebody -- be famous and be a normal woman at the same time.

buy_emsbooks1... I wasn't around in 1900. When I wrote “Woman of the Century,” the story of Cordelia (the book which means the most to me personally), I relied on the things I picked up from my mother, who was born around then. I could never be sure exactly when, because Mother grew up in the time when women automatically lied about their age, ( as I do)---her white lies, attitudes, songs, slang, daydreams, fears were handed down to me along with what my mother picked up from her mom, and grandma absorbed from hers.

... In all my novels, I play with plots so that my characters are affected by the latest newest things in everyday life, in art, politics, economics, human rights, women rights, technology, medicine, fashion, media, plus the names in the air. Not just celebrities whose names Dorothy, my best friend and cleaning lady, would recognize, but also names my neighbors' teenage daughters might recognize.

... What I gleaned from hundreds of conversations with other women gave me the passion to delve truthfully into all the stuff, bad and good, sad, ugly, repulsive, and the courage (because a lot of it is sexual) to make my journey through the century as a girl lady woman, in various disguises, some of them outlandish and not very comfortable, but as genuine as possible.

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